Ethical Policy Statement

We believe strongly in robust ethical principles. We are proud to guarantee that we trade according to the best practice Ethical Trading Criteria.

  • Hobson Health recognises that our commercial activities have potential to impact on our suppliers, customers, employees, patients and the wider community. As a socially responsible small business our suppliers and customers have a right to expect us to trade and operate ethically.
  • Hobson Health is committed to demonstrating its ethical and social responsibility credentials to enable customers to make informed choices about services they purchase. Hobson Health will provide clear information to customers about fees for services. No restrictions, as a way of guaranteeing business, will be operated by Hobson Health.
  • Hobson Health will encourage suppliers to operate to the same ethical standards we employ ourselves. Hobson Health will settle customer’s invoices speedily.
  • Hobson Health is committed to ensuring that our employment practices and the enforcement of corporate regulations ensure the protection of the rights of all those who work for us. We aim to operate above the minimum standards required by law to ensure our employees are safe, rewarded and valued.
  • We will try to serve the local community where we can. Policies such as supporting apprenticeships, providing sponsorship and supporting charitable aims will be encouraged at Hobson Health.
  • Hobson Health will support environmental initiatives as much as possible – to include recycling and reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • We will not tolerate any corrupt practices of any sort.
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